Corner Shower Shelves – Bathroom Shelving With Great Savings

Grand Home Design shelves are the ideal and affordable solution to create extra storage space within your bathroom that has a shower installed. With many designs and styles available, there are a wide range of shower shelves to choose from that will compliment your existing bathroom decor and at the same time, keep it neat and tidy. Even a cheap corner shower caddy can look modern and not reflect the price, and at the same time make a big difference to your bathing experience.

The purpose of installing a shower corner shelf within the shower cubicle is to have all your personal care products to hand when taking a shower. It is frustrating and unhygienic to have all your body cleaning products on the bathroom or shower floor. With the amount of products used by the whole family you are left with shampoo bottles, soaps, body wash, and many more all over the floor area.

Not only is it potentially unhygienic, it is also an inconvenience having to keep bending down to pickup the next product. This can also be dangerous where you may slip while choosing your next product. For some people, they are just not able to bend down due to medical conditions. Hence why it is important to have corner shelves for the shower.

The corner shower shelves can be made from chrome, wood, plastic and porcelain. Wood provides a more antique and traditional look, but they need to be well protected in order to withstand the amount of humidity and water within the shower. The others however, are resistant to all the water and are also very easy to maintain and keep clean. Glass shower shelves are perfect as they are water resistant and resitant to mildew if cleaned on a regular basis. Alternatively, the ceramic shower shelf is another option worth keeping in mind.

The advantages of a plastic shower shelf is that they are substantially lighter than chrome and porcelain. With the plastic shelves, you have the option of making a purchase with suckers that attach to the wall. So, instead of having to drill into the wall, you can easily fix it to the tile wall. The down side to this is that you cannot put too many objects on the shelf, otherwise you will end up with the whole thing crashing down to the floor.

A great tip when drilling into the bathroom wall is to rather drill between the tiles where the grout is. By not drilling into the actual tile surface, you have a much less chance of potentially cracking the tile. You also need to be careful not to drill into any pipes, but the screws are normally quite short and the piping are normally deep within the cavity wall.

If you want to make sure that there are no piping in the area where you will be drilling, you can by a metal detector from he hardware store that specifically detects pipes. They cost about $10 so it may be cheaper than having to call a plumber should you drill into a pipe.

Conclusion, these shower corner shelves are easy to obtain over the Internet and are not costly at all. Bathroom shelves are a great space saving accessory that can be used in the shower for personal products, or even as a towel shelf for extra storage. Other great ideas is to install a towel rack, or even a towel warmer that keeps your bath towels warm during those cold winter months.


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